Stitch By Stitch Quilters' Guild
Marshall, Missouri

A Message from our new Guild President

Christi Bentley:


This year I will offer a mystery quilt project with one clue a month that will be provided in our newsletter, Facebook page and also on this website!  In honor of the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election (and let’s hope this is not the only honorable thing about the election), I am calling this the President’s Mystery Quilt.  


I will be giving directions for a throw-sized (approximately 57” x 57”) quilt, but yours may be larger or smaller if you decide to only make a few blocks or add blocks or get creative on some borders.  There will be one clue each month. You will have a whole month to complete the clue! I think this is something everyone can participate in if they wish. Remember, it is meant to be fun and is totally voluntary!  With only 1 clue a month, it may take you until the November election to get this quilt totally finished!