Stitch By Stitch Quilters' Guild
Marshall, Missouri

2020 President’s Mystery Quilt 

January - Fabric Selection

Fabric Requirements:


10 fat quarters (or equivalent of) assorted darks - red, green, purple, navy, rust, etc. prints. These need to be strong in value.  You can limit it to certain colors, or make it very scrappy, but the value needs to be strong. You can go with really deep dark prints, or bright bold prints as long as the value is strong.


10 fat quarters (or equivalent of) assorted cream and light beige prints


4 fat eighths (or equivalent of) assorted medium gold and tan prints (or another color of your choosing, but a medium value).


Potential borders:  ⅜ yard of coordinating fabric for inner border, 1 yard of coordinating fabric for outer border, ½ yard for binding.  I usually wait until the end to select border fabrics, but some people like to know about borders at the beginning.


You will also need a Tri-Recs tool.  If you don’t have one, find someone who does and ask to be their buddy for this project.  Remember you have a whole month to work on each clue. And yes, this does mean that there are triangles involved.  (But Carol Dickerson, you made it to Africa and back, I think you can handle a few triangles!)


Also, this is a great project to make from scraps.  I made mine totally from scraps. If you use Bonnie Hunter’s scrap users system, check your 2” and 3.5” strips/squares bins for your colors.  I have heard someone say, “I can’t start another quilt, unless it’s a scrap quilt.” (Judy Smith - this means you can play!)  


I won’t be including photos in the newsletter, but will post some on facebook after the newsletter goes out each month.  I will also ask our webmasters to post the clues on the website and facebook pages. And I have decided to play along and make the quilt again.  But I’m changing my colors. Since it is a Presidential Mystery, I’m changing my darks to reds and blues, leaving the lights and medium golds the same, and will hopefully have a patriotic quilt!


Looking forward to mystery-quilting along with each of you!!