Stitch By Stitch Quilters' Guild
Marshall, Missouri

2017 Challenge Project:


The Initial Challenge!

1.   Use your first initial as the main color in the quilt.  Use the initial of your last name for the block or design of the quilt.  For example, Guild President Judy Smith might select "jade" as her main color inspiration since her first initial is J.  Her last initial is S so she might select a stained glass quilt design.


2.  The perimeter of the quilt should be 160 inches or less.  It can be any shape you'd like.


3.  Challenge yourself.  At least one element of the quilt should challenge your quilting skills so that you are learning something new and fun with the project.


These are some of the challenge entries at our 2017 Quilt Show.  Thanks to all who participated for their work and creativity.