Stitch By Stitch Quilters' Guild
Marshall, Missouri


2020 Challenge Project

Centennial Celebration of the 19th Amendment


    This year, 2020, celebrates the 100th year since women earned the right to vote in our country.  Your challenge quilt committee has chosen this event to honor with a commemorative quilting project. 


Requirements:  no size requirements, but it should be a quilt, any size you choose.  No bags or totes, please. 

Due:  October guild meeting

Judging and prizes:  Non-participants will be the challenge judges.  They will be given criteria for judging the quilts.  The winner will be awarded $25.00.  A drawing of remaining participants will result in another $25.00 prize. 



Barbara Brackman, quilt historian is hosting a quilt-along on her blog,, commemorating the centennial.  This can also be found on her quilt-along Facebook page; Grandmother’s Choice 2020.

Women of Influence quilt book by Sarah Maxwell and Delores Smith (Homestead Hearth)

Suffrage colors were green, purple and white (United Kingdom) or gold (USA).  The flower worn by the suffragettes was the yellow rose or sunflower. 


We hope you have some fun with this and it makes an interesting display at the quilt show. 

Committee:  Carrie Henke and Judy Smith2020 Challenge Project