Stitch By Stitch Quilters' Guild
Marshall, Missouri


Quilt Guild Challenge – 2018

It’s time to channel your inner Sherlock Holmes as we try to solve this “Who Done It?” mystery game of CLUE!!! All participants will draw 3 cards from the CLUE game, 1 weapon, 1 room, and 1 suspect. You will then use these 3 clues to create your challenge project. For example: If you drew Mrs. Peacock, you could use peacock blue fabric, or actual peacock feather fabric, or maybe have feathers in the quilting of your project, or whatever you come up with to represent Mrs. Peacock.

Game Rules:

1. Each of your 3 clues must be represented in your project in some way. It doesn’t have to be in a big and bold way, it can be subtle (remember, this is Clue).

2. Size is limited to no larger than a 160” perimeter/circumference, whatever shape you may choose. (Don’t worry, we’re not picky and won’t be using a tape measure. This is just a guideline.)

3. Challenge projects are due at the October meeting.

Remember, the more players the game has, the more fun it is for everyone!

We drew cards at the February meeting, and are keeping a list of the clues that everyone got just in case you lose your cards or forget. If you weren’t there, we can mail your clues to you so that you can start solving the mystery! Just let us know if you need clues!

Challenge Committee--Christi Bentley, Cynthia Crawford, Carrie Henke

Epilogue:  And the winner is....Mary Durham (top right), pictured with Kevin Huffman (Kevin the Quilter) from Troy, MO.  He was our challenge judge, complete with the robe and gavel of justice.